Monday, December 20, 2010

Crochet: A New Addiction

Hello :)

A little background on why i decided to call myself a "song bird"
-I'm currently in the Army ROTC program and last year some of the cadre discovered I could sing, so now I pretty much sing the Star Spangled Banner at any sporting event/commissioning ceremony.
- MSG Gains pretty much started calling me song bird at PT and I noticed that the first week of school some of the new cadets started calling me song bird because they actually thought that was my name. lol it made me crack up a little bit

Just so you guys know, this blog is going to be pretty much a collection of random thoughts/music/pictures from my daily life. There's really no theme and my purpose for blogging is to have an outlet for thoughts I can't really express except for in words. 

So let me go on about my day:

...Well there's really nothing to say about except for the fact that I'm probably the most boring girl ever. I learned how to crochet 2 weeks ago so I'm on this crocheting kick and I pretty much did that the entire day. Let me tell you, crocheting is physically and mentally exhausting. My body feels like I ran 4 marathons and my hand is cramping like no other. I think I forgot to blink for like 5 hours so I'm semi-blind right now. The picture you see is the first finished product of this time consuming task. It turned out pretty sucky, but I still love it because it was made with care in every stitch.

One thing I'm starting to realize is the fact that yarn is not cheap. If you ever decide to want to crochet or knit, do NOT be fooled by the fact each roll of yarn costs $5.00 or less. That jank piles up and soon you'll be finding yourself spending $50+. I just spent about that much the other day because I saw yarn on sale and went a little crazy. Here are some of the yarn that I ended up buying. (Sorry the pictures are a bit dark. I just used my phone camera) I bought a really pretty taupe, an emerald green, maroon, a pale green, a deep purple, and a charcoal grey. Already finished a grey scarf and a purple circle scarf. Halfway done with a Yakima/hat thing. 

But speaking of being semi-blind, I think it's about time for me to go to bed. I'll be writing again tomorrow.
Goodnight. :)


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  1. Hi Jana, No, I don't think your boring. Crochet is a nice hobby. Keep up the singing song bird. Your you tube videos are wonderful. Hang in there at the ROTC your doing wonderful.