Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Strike Energy

So I started off the day around 10am and decided I was going to do some last minute add-on gifts for my parents full presents. But I had to bribe Jordan (my twin bro) to come and join me by offering to buy him lunch. On the way there, he sees an MRE in my backseat and asks to open it. Let me tell you, its just like opening a surprise gift. The first thing we pull out is a "Firat Strike" energy bar. That thing just sounds intense with the desert storm pattern all over the packaging for it. I wasn't sure what to expect from it and because it felt tough on the outside of the package, I thought it'd be some sort of granola.
Jordan's hand feeding me the First Strike bar
...But i was wrong. It was almost like an airhead but with a nutty kind of apple-cinnamon flavor. Quite delish and well worth wasting 270 calories for the day. Jordan enjoyed eating it as well. He had the flu and claimed to have been healed from it after eating this "First Strike" energy bar.

Here's a video of me and Jordan eating the First Strike nutritious energy bar. It was just that amazing. :P

That was pretty much the highlight of my day because after that, I had to go to work from 5pm-close. I'm so over weirdo sucky customers forreal. Go personalize your own ornaments u stinky mcstink stinks.

Oh yeah...tomorrow is Christmas Eve. yessssssss. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Slushies and Moonsand

Today was a rough day.

I worked from 12-4:30 but it felt like a kabillion years. People near Christmas time are evil monsters, seriously. It's bad when you can tell someone sucks from the first thing that comes out of their mouth. For example...
my work station

Alli (coworker): Ma'am, I'm just gonna ring you up before Jana personalizes
Evil Old Lady: *ignores Alli* So I want "The Franklins" written at the top...
Alli: Ma'am I'm gonna ring this up and then afterwards Jana can personalize it
Evil Old Lady: Oh, so you're going to take my money before I see the finished product? (in sarcastic tone)
Me: (thinking) holy. crap.
Alli: Well, she can erase if you don't like it
Me: *writes The Franklins* (and I do a mighty fine job)
Evil Old Lady: I dont like it. Erase it.

So now that I'm done venting about the sucky parts of my day, let me talk about the good stuffs.

1. I had an amazing blue raspberry slushie right before work...& I know you're curious and the answer is turned my whole freakin mouth blue.

2. Got all of my presents wrapped with pretty bows and ribbons

3. Got home from work and played with moonsand with Jordan

....and here I am now, crocheting yet again.

Hope you guys are nice to your Christmas ornament personalizers, because we're people too.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bling Ring

Melissa (my boss) has a taser gun, but I have this ring.

Let me start off by saying: This is by far the biggest ring I have ever seen/owned/worn. Ever.

Yes. I'm wrapping my gifts in pink paper.
The beginning of my day was pretty much a success. I can finally say that I am officially done with Christmas shopping. Phew. Now, I just need to find the tape and wrap everything before my sneaky Lola comes in my room and steals a peek at all the gifts I bought. I've got three wrapped and four more to go.
Work was a different story from the success I had with finishing my Christmas shopping. I think everyone was on edge, especially considering the fact I work at a Christmas ornament kiosk, and it is only 4 days away from Christmas. The customers were a little rowdy and my coworkers were a little more then stressed. The good news is I was able to eat the last peanut butter cookie Allie (my co-worker) made. The bad news is I broke an ornament. There is nothing worse then the sound an ornament makes when it hits the ground. All i can do is watch as it smashes into the ground in what seems like "slow-mo" vision.

Now that I'm back from work, I'm seriously procrastinating putting my clothes away by watching a rerun on 16 & Pregnant. Yeah, it pretty much looks like a tornado in my room. (and to think I only brought like 9% of my clothes home) 

Does anyone wanna come over and fold these clothes and put them away?
I'll totally knit you a scarf.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Crochet: A New Addiction

Hello :)

A little background on why i decided to call myself a "song bird"
-I'm currently in the Army ROTC program and last year some of the cadre discovered I could sing, so now I pretty much sing the Star Spangled Banner at any sporting event/commissioning ceremony.
- MSG Gains pretty much started calling me song bird at PT and I noticed that the first week of school some of the new cadets started calling me song bird because they actually thought that was my name. lol it made me crack up a little bit

Just so you guys know, this blog is going to be pretty much a collection of random thoughts/music/pictures from my daily life. There's really no theme and my purpose for blogging is to have an outlet for thoughts I can't really express except for in words. 

So let me go on about my day:

...Well there's really nothing to say about except for the fact that I'm probably the most boring girl ever. I learned how to crochet 2 weeks ago so I'm on this crocheting kick and I pretty much did that the entire day. Let me tell you, crocheting is physically and mentally exhausting. My body feels like I ran 4 marathons and my hand is cramping like no other. I think I forgot to blink for like 5 hours so I'm semi-blind right now. The picture you see is the first finished product of this time consuming task. It turned out pretty sucky, but I still love it because it was made with care in every stitch.

One thing I'm starting to realize is the fact that yarn is not cheap. If you ever decide to want to crochet or knit, do NOT be fooled by the fact each roll of yarn costs $5.00 or less. That jank piles up and soon you'll be finding yourself spending $50+. I just spent about that much the other day because I saw yarn on sale and went a little crazy. Here are some of the yarn that I ended up buying. (Sorry the pictures are a bit dark. I just used my phone camera) I bought a really pretty taupe, an emerald green, maroon, a pale green, a deep purple, and a charcoal grey. Already finished a grey scarf and a purple circle scarf. Halfway done with a Yakima/hat thing. 

But speaking of being semi-blind, I think it's about time for me to go to bed. I'll be writing again tomorrow.
Goodnight. :)