Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Slushies and Moonsand

Today was a rough day.

I worked from 12-4:30 but it felt like a kabillion years. People near Christmas time are evil monsters, seriously. It's bad when you can tell someone sucks from the first thing that comes out of their mouth. For example...
my work station

Alli (coworker): Ma'am, I'm just gonna ring you up before Jana personalizes
Evil Old Lady: *ignores Alli* So I want "The Franklins" written at the top...
Alli: Ma'am I'm gonna ring this up and then afterwards Jana can personalize it
Evil Old Lady: Oh, so you're going to take my money before I see the finished product? (in sarcastic tone)
Me: (thinking) holy. crap.
Alli: Well, she can erase if you don't like it
Me: *writes The Franklins* (and I do a mighty fine job)
Evil Old Lady: I dont like it. Erase it.

So now that I'm done venting about the sucky parts of my day, let me talk about the good stuffs.

1. I had an amazing blue raspberry slushie right before work...& I know you're curious and the answer is turned my whole freakin mouth blue.

2. Got all of my presents wrapped with pretty bows and ribbons

3. Got home from work and played with moonsand with Jordan

....and here I am now, crocheting yet again.

Hope you guys are nice to your Christmas ornament personalizers, because we're people too.

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