Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bling Ring

Melissa (my boss) has a taser gun, but I have this ring.

Let me start off by saying: This is by far the biggest ring I have ever seen/owned/worn. Ever.

Yes. I'm wrapping my gifts in pink paper.
The beginning of my day was pretty much a success. I can finally say that I am officially done with Christmas shopping. Phew. Now, I just need to find the tape and wrap everything before my sneaky Lola comes in my room and steals a peek at all the gifts I bought. I've got three wrapped and four more to go.
Work was a different story from the success I had with finishing my Christmas shopping. I think everyone was on edge, especially considering the fact I work at a Christmas ornament kiosk, and it is only 4 days away from Christmas. The customers were a little rowdy and my coworkers were a little more then stressed. The good news is I was able to eat the last peanut butter cookie Allie (my co-worker) made. The bad news is I broke an ornament. There is nothing worse then the sound an ornament makes when it hits the ground. All i can do is watch as it smashes into the ground in what seems like "slow-mo" vision.

Now that I'm back from work, I'm seriously procrastinating putting my clothes away by watching a rerun on 16 & Pregnant. Yeah, it pretty much looks like a tornado in my room. (and to think I only brought like 9% of my clothes home) 

Does anyone wanna come over and fold these clothes and put them away?
I'll totally knit you a scarf.

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