Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Strike Energy

So I started off the day around 10am and decided I was going to do some last minute add-on gifts for my parents full presents. But I had to bribe Jordan (my twin bro) to come and join me by offering to buy him lunch. On the way there, he sees an MRE in my backseat and asks to open it. Let me tell you, its just like opening a surprise gift. The first thing we pull out is a "Firat Strike" energy bar. That thing just sounds intense with the desert storm pattern all over the packaging for it. I wasn't sure what to expect from it and because it felt tough on the outside of the package, I thought it'd be some sort of granola.
Jordan's hand feeding me the First Strike bar
...But i was wrong. It was almost like an airhead but with a nutty kind of apple-cinnamon flavor. Quite delish and well worth wasting 270 calories for the day. Jordan enjoyed eating it as well. He had the flu and claimed to have been healed from it after eating this "First Strike" energy bar.

Here's a video of me and Jordan eating the First Strike nutritious energy bar. It was just that amazing. :P

That was pretty much the highlight of my day because after that, I had to go to work from 5pm-close. I'm so over weirdo sucky customers forreal. Go personalize your own ornaments u stinky mcstink stinks.

Oh yeah...tomorrow is Christmas Eve. yessssssss. :)


  1. Hope you didn't catch the flu from sharing that energy bar with Jordan. xD

  2. Hope the energy bar doesn't strike back.